09 Feb 11


Al Hammadi: “In today’s world, media is one of the most important components of any
country’s development”  

Doha, Qatar, February  9, 2011: GSSG’s Media Group announced today the acquisition of
80% of Salam Media Cast, a leading provider of Media solutions. Salam Media cast
specializes in the provision of telecommunications, broadcasting, integrated systems and
technologically advanced security solutions in the Gulf Region  and beyond. With the
addition of Salam Media Cast to the established Media Group, a subsidiary of Ghanim Bin
Saad Al Saad and Sons Holding Company (GSSG), Media Group will be able to facilitate high
quality media services and production throughout the region.  

“In today’s world media has become one of the most important components of any
country’s development” said Mr. Muhammed Al Hammadi, deputy Chairman of GSSG.
“Together we will be able to participate in the rapid development of Qatar and its neighbors
through providing high quality media content, that would enrich their media outlets”, Al
Hammadi added.  

“Media Group is planning to expand its scope to cover a variety of media services that
would meet the needs of the evolving media market” Said Mohammed Badr Al Sada, Vice
President of Media Group.  

“Together, Media Group and Salam Media Cast, plan to work with the key constituents in
the media industry to better understand the needs of all media outlets in the region and
help them to maximize yield and achieve their media objectives” Mr. Al Sada Added.

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