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Ta’allum Group

Ta’allum Group

A leading group of educational institutions dedicated to providing a unique holistic approach to education, Taa’llum recognises Qatar’s drive towards a knowledge-based economy, and is committed to playing a leading role in that development.

By preparing students to become successful leaders and active members of society through the study of a well-rounded curriculum, Taa’llum sets the benchmark for educational standards and methods.

The first Middle Eastern institution to implement the ‘Leader In Me’ program, and to adopt the ‘Al Hidaya’ interactive learning program with the goal of deepening understanding of The Holy Qur’an, Taa’llum seeks to integrate classwork and external work in developing children’s personalities and values.

The total educational system followed by the Taa’llum Group places a strong emphasis on educational skills as well as social values and attitudes, and is an ideal role model for future schools looking to create tomorrow’s leaders from today’s pupils.

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