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Naira International Group

Naira International Group

Naira International Group was set up to build on the strengths of its diverse members, each business leaders in their own right across a wide range of fields.

Recognising the increasing importance and significance of international consumer brands, NIG focuses upon the possibilities for growth in retail franchises within the Fashion and Food and Beverage segments.


By acting as a master franchisee to a growing variety of demographics and retail segments, NIG is able to call upon the experience and skills not only of its broad members but also the franchise holders themselves. This unique business model provides the highest level products and services to their customers.


Currently, franchise operations within the F&B segment of the market include Shiraz Garden and Sushi Minto, known respectively for their Iranian and Asian cuisines, the quality of their ingredients and their pleasant ambience.


In the field of Fashion, leading European brands make up the bulk of the portfolio, such as Little Marcel, Shadow and Jezequel and Harrys of London.


Already able to enjoy economies of scale for back office operations, sourcing and distribution, NIG is poised to acquire further high-end international brand franchises and continue to add to an expanding and successful portfolio.

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