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Euro-Qatar Construction and Development Company

Euro-Qatar Construction and Development Company

The need for experienced, qualified and reliable consultancy, representation and partnership services to regional and international companies has never been greater, and this need is most keenly felt in the field of construction and construction-related industries.

Established with an overarching vision of a company able to bring innovative thinking and effective strategies to meet this need, EQCC’s key objective is to build alliances, and in building these alliances, to offer its customers solutions to match their construction requirements.

A state-of-the-art leader in the field, the company recognizes the value of innovation through the use of the latest construction technologies. By focusing its attention on best business practices with a vision to achieve sustainable growth, the company is able to go far beyond its clients’ initial requirements.

One of the first partnerships of EQCC is an exclusive partnership with one of the leading European construction companies, PORR, specialists in geotechnical services, ground and foundation engineering and construction. The resulting Qatari company fuses the local presence and experience of EQCC with the long-standing technical expertise and knowledge of PORR, enabling it to participate effectively in major infrastructure projects in Qatar.

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